About filesets

Echoview uses the Fileset window and Fileset pages to manage:

Filesets and EV files

An EV file can contain a single fileset or multiple filesets of added data. You will find multiple filesets useful if you work with:

Filesets and data files

Each fileset can contain a single data file or multiple data files. The following rules apply:

Deriving raw variables

Hydroacoustic data may be logged under a transducer number, transducer frequency, channel number, or a combination thereof. The transducer or channel number may be based on the order in which the device was connected to the data logger. When Echoview reads a data file, it tries to identify the transducer or channel number. For some file formats Echoview may be able to identify data associated with transducer frequency.

Derive raw variables on the Fileset Properties dialog box allows you to specify a method to derive raw variables that best suits your data. Saved EV files and EV template files have derived raw variables, and derived raw variables are used with virtual variables and virtual variable chains.

Available methods:

Using transducer/channel number

The Using transducer/channel number method reads data file transducer/channel number to derive raw variables. Pre-Echoview 9 EV files are assigned this method when the EV file is opened.

Using transducer frequency

The Using transducer frequency method considers transducer frequency when deriving raw variables.

Data mapping by transducer frequency can only be applied to Simrad Ex60 (includes file formats based on Simrad Ex60 file format), Simrad EK80, BioSonics DT4, ASL Environmental Sciences AZFP and Echoview EVD data files. New EV files are assigned this method by default.

The Using transducer frequency method may be useful where data file transducer frequency causes problems for derived raw variables output under the Using transducer/channel number method.


Transducer number is swapped

Consider the case where data files record inadvertently changed transducer numbers but the transducer frequencies remain the same:

An EV file is developed using the data files of survey A. Virtual variables are created to handle frequency-specific raw and virtual variables.

Additional transducers/frequencies

Consider the case where additional transducers are introduced with an additional frequency between existing frequencies:

An EV file is developed using the data files of survey C. Virtual variables are created to handle frequency-specific raw and virtual variables.

Dataflow window transducers

The Fileset Properties dialog box setting Create and/or associate transducers based on frequency when new raw variables are derived can be used to create transducers based on transducer frequency. The setting can be used with either Derive raw variables method. A transducer created under this setting displays transducer frequency and fileset information on the Dataflow window and in the Transducer Properties dialog box.


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