The templates folders

When creating a new EV file Echoview scans the default templates folder and the user defined template folder for available templates upon which to base the new EV file.

Two types of template are supported and are described below.

Type of template

Used when

Default folder

EV file templates

Creating a new EV file in Echoview


Live viewing templates

Echoview begins live viewing data from an Echolog application

Live Viewing Templates

Default templates folders must be stored beneath the folder in which Echoview.exe is found. Typically these folders are:

Type of template

Typical 64-bit edition installation, where N is the Echoview version number

EV file templates

C:\Program Files\Echoview Software\Echoview N\Echoview\Templates

Live viewing templates

C:\Program Files\Echoview Software\Echoview N\Echoview\Live viewing templates

The user defined template folder and live viewing template folder have no such restrictions placed on them. You can specify the location of a user defined template folder on the File locations page of the Echoview Configuration dialog box.

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