About degrees and minutes

In Echoview, values for latitude and longitude are accepted in two formats.

Decimal degrees

This format is accurate to three decimal places. Northwards is positive, southwards is negative; this corresponds to (89.999 to -89.999) respectively. Eastwards from the Prime Meridian (Greenwich) is positive, westwards from the Prime Meridian is negative, this corresponds to (180.000 to -180.000) respectively.

Degrees and minutes

This format is supported by the PROJ4 library. The format is case insensitive, with the letter 'D' used to separate the degrees from the minutes and either of the letters 'N', 'S', 'E' or 'W' appended to the end of the input to determine the direction. For example, '32d50.5s' is interpreted as '32 degrees 50.5 minutes south', which converts to -32.841667 in decimal degrees.