Export file formats


  • Pre Echoview 11 *.csv data exports have a space after every comma to improve readability. As a consequence, the first data column contains no leading space, but subsequent data columns do have a leading space. Leading spaces are ignored by Echoview when reading *.csv data files. Post Echoview 11 *.csv data exports contain no leading space; the exception is a leading space for time data, where a space is required for correct time handling by Excel.
  • From Echoview 4.90, to achieve consistency for the decimal separator, date and times in export files, Echoview uses the format associated with the Windows Control Panel > Regional and Language Options setting - English (United States). This may affect users with a Regional and Language Options setting that significantly differs from English (United States) such that (exported) files may contain an unfamiliar decimal separator, or unfamiliar date or time format.
  • Some "text data CSV file formats" are supported as an exported data format and as a file format for adding to a fileset. There can be differences between the exported file and the equivalent "text data CSV file format". Such differences arise from the support for optional columns. Export file formats can include optional data columns. "Text data CSV files" (of any origin) can include optional data columns. When a file is added to a fileset, optional columns are ignored unless stated otherwise by the "text data CSV file format".

Text export settings files (*.txt)

You can export Variable Properties dialog box values to a text file. On the Dataflow window select a variable and on the Shortcut menu select Export Settings. See also COM ExportSettings.

The settings named in the export file may be different for different variables.

The Export Option describes the export format.

Note: Variables that use lines or surfaces on the Analysis page or similar, identify the item as: Variable, ID #. ID # is the number of the item in the Dataflow window Object list. ID 1 is the first item in the Object list.

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