BlueView data files

The BlueView *.son file format is supported in Echoview. BlueView imaging sonars produce several high quality images per second, making it possible to view movie-like imagery.

Echoview supports *.son files output by the BlueView ProViewer software using BlueView SDK version 4.5 and version 4.6 from products including the M450 and M900 series sonars.

The version of the SDK Echoview is using is displayed in the File section of the Details dialog box. Data is displayed in a multibeam echogram where images correspond to pings.

Sample and beam data and Transducer type are read, as well as the following data if available:

The absorption coefficient is not available in the data file but may be required by the derived Sv frames variable. Echoview applies a default absorption coefficient of 1.0 dB/m for Sv frames variables; which appears to be satisfactory for common single transducer head systems. Be aware that multiple transducer head systems have a default absorption coefficient applied to first head data that may be suitable but the default value applied to second head data may be unsuitable. If you can determine the frequency used by the heads, it is possible to calculate and specify more suitable absorption coefficients. The value for AbsorptionCoefficient may be specified with an ECS file. The Sonar calculator offers an absorption coefficient equation that considers temperature, speed of sound, frequency, salinity and depth.

The underlying sample data to unspecified sample data (dB) calculation is:

-9999 for zero
Unspecified sample data (dB) = 2 x 10 log 10 (Sample data)


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