Creating and deleting filesets

A fileset is displayed on its own tab in the Filesets window. You can use the Add a new fileset button Add button and the Delete the fileset button Delete button and the Shortcut menu to access Fileset Properties.

Or you can use the actions offered by the Fileset menu.

To create a new fileset:

  1. On the Fileset menu, click New Fileset to display the Fileset Properties dialog box.
  2. Enter the Name of the new fileset or accept the default.
  3. Specify Derive raw variables and Create and/or associate transducers based on frequency when new raw variables are derived. These settings allow you to choose how to derive raw variables and create transducers.
  4. Enter the Time Offset details or accept the default.

Multiple filesets are required where:

To delete a fileset:

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