Precache Maps dialog box

This dialog box is displayed when you press Precache maps on the Mapping page of the EV File Properties dialog box. The Precache feature allows you to download a WMS map for Echoview to use when internet access is unavailable.

Precache settings allow you to specify the area and zoom level of the WMS map to cache. They include:

Setting Description

Area to cache

Bounding box values for the area you want to cache. Bounding box values can be entered manually or you can use the mouse to select an area on the WMS map. A preview of the area to cache is displayed.

Use Reset to select the entire WMS map.

Note: The time and computer drive space required to accommodate the download of an entire map can be considerable, especially for high zoom levels.

Maximum zoom level

Allows you to specify a Maximum zoom level from the list.


  • A WMS server may not be able to offer your specified Maximum zoom level.
  • Echoview estimates the number of WMS map tiles for the specified area.
Download this area

Echoview downloads the specified WMS map area.

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