Resample Surface dialog box

The Resample Surface dialog box is used to resample a detected surface at a lower resolution. You may want to do this to:

  • reduce the geometric complexity of the surface (so that it is more compact on disk and in memory and displays faster), or

  • smooth out noise, artifacts and other irregularities in the data.

Note: You cannot use the Resample Surface dialog box to increase the resolution of a surface. If you have resampled a surface and wish to return to a higher resolution you will need to import or re-detect the surface.

To display the Resample Surface dialog box:

  1. On the Dataflow window, click a (detected) surface object.

  2. On the Shortcut menu select Resample.

  3. Specify settings.

  4. Click the Resample button.

The Resample Surface dialog box contains the following settings:



New object name

The same of the resampled object.

North-south resolution

The resolution that will be used to resample the north-south dimension of the surface.

East-west resolution

The resolution that will be used to resample the east-west dimension of the surface.

Max triangulation distance (m)

Maximum triangulation distance for resampling. The default is the value specified for the Detect Bottom Surface dialog box.

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