Beam Subset

This operator allows you to create a variable containing a specified subset of the beams from a multibeam operand.

You enter the settings for this operator on the Beam subset page of the Variable Properties dialog box.

Echoview accepts operands of the following data types as input:

  • Multibeam angular position
  • Multibeam boolean
  • Multibeam color
  • Multibeam magnitude
  • Multibeam phase
  • Multibeam Sv
  • Multibeam TS
  • Multibeam unspecified dB


The Beam Subset Variable Properties dialog box pages include (common) Variable Properties pages and these operator pages:

Operands page

Beam Subset page




Enter a beam range to be included or discarded.

The selected beam range will be used to create a variable which can then be displayed as a two dimensional echogram.

Include the beam ranges

Exclude the beam ranges

Choose whether to include or discard the specified beam range.

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