Data File Information dialog box

The Data File Information dialog box displays various information relating to the selected data file.

To display the Data File Information dialog box:

  1. Select a data file in the Data files section of the Filesets window.

  2. Click Information.

The upper part of the dialog box shows the name of the file, the full directory path of the file, the type of file and time and date range of data within the file. A Copy file button copies the data file. Depending on context, Paste can paste the data file into a Windows folder using Windows Explorer or Paste can paste the data file path into a text editor. A Show file in Explorer button displays the data file and folder in Windows Explorer.

The lower part varies depending on the type of data in the file. It generally indicates the number GPS fixes in the file, and the number of pings containing data for supported raw variables.

Note: The first reading of a problem data file results in the display of a warning icon next to the data file name and a message in the Message dialog box. Refer to About the Filesets window for more information.

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