Notes page

The Notes page of the Variable Properties dialog box displays information about the variable.

General details

Some or all of the following details may be displayed:



Variable name

The unique name of the variable. You can change the name of raw variables and virtual variables with this setting. Echoview can assign a default name when a variable is created or when Reset is used.


  • In Echoview, name-uniqueness affects platforms, transducers, surfaces, scenes, region class, 3D curtains, 3D regions, lines, sticky notes, raw variables and unavailable variables. Existing EV files, that contain objects with the same name, will open and affected objects will be assigned a unique name.
  • Valid names for variables and dataflow objects consist of supported characters. These can include text and symbol character encoding and international characters. Commas, double quotes, the vertical bar and the Tab key press are unsupported characters. Where a name is used as the basis of an export file name, any unsupported file name characters are automatically removed.


Resets the name to the name generated when data files are added or to the default name generated for a new virtual variable.

Data type

The data type of the variable


A text box in which you can enter extra information about this variable.

Notes about the configuration of a bottom classification are added by Echoview when Classify Bottom is completed.

Operator statistics

This section is available for some (not all) virtual variables, as follows:

Scan position

The operator statistics reported include:

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