Show in View dialog box

The Show In View dialog box is used to add objects to the current view in the Dataflow window.

To display the Show In View dialog box:

  1. Open the Dataflow window
  2. Display a view by clicking on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the window.
  3. Choose Show from the Shortcut (right-click) menu

The Show In View dialog box lists all objects, by Name and Type, which are currently hidden in the view.

Object types are shown in the Select section. Unavailable variables and unavailable lines are shown in grey. Grouped objects are listed as a single object identified by their group name and are of type: Variable Group.

Use the Filter to find all objects with a matching string of text anywhere in the Name.

To add objects to the view:

1. Select the object(s) from the list


Select all objects of a specified type from the Select section.

2. Click OK; the objects you selected will be added to the current view.

Tip: To remove objects from a view: In the View window, select the object(s) to remove, and choose Hide from the Shortcut (right-click) menu.

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