Echoview experimental features

Some features provided by Echoview are considered to be in Experimental release. This is to say, the feature has been tested and its function is as described in the Echoview Help file but the feature:

  1. May or is likely to change in the foreseeable future.
  2. Requires general acceptance from the scientific community.

Currently the following features are Experimental:

Simrad EK80 file format

Single target detection - wideband operator

Export to Eonfusion *.eve file format

Furuno beam compensation

Furuno FCV-30 *.hac file format

Single target detection - Furuno FCV30 operator

Simrad Omnisonar formats (SH80, SP70, SH90, SX90, SC90)

EvVariableAcoustic.ExportSettings, EvVariableVirtual.ExportSettings, EvVariableBase.ExportSettings

Echoview Data File Format (.evd)

QPS (.sd) export files

Wideband Frequency Response Graph

Your evaluation of, and feedback regarding these features will be greatly appreciated.

Note: In the earlier versions of Echoview Experimental features were called beta features.

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