Echoview data and hardware support

Echoview® is the industry-standard software for marine and freshwater hydroacoustic data processing, and supports an unrivaled range of data file formats.

As a result of close and ongoing collaboration with the fisheries acoustics community, Echoview supports data from:

Other hardware

If your hardware is not listed but similar instruments from the same manufacturer are listed, Echoview may be able to read your files.

File format compatibility can be confirmed by downloading and installing Echoview, and then on the File menu click New. Click Add on the Filesets window that appears and select your data files. Raw variables will be extracted and shown if the data format is compatible. A license is not required to try this. Please contact Echoview support if you have file support problems or questions.

Generic file formats

Data from unsupported instruments can be written to the Echoview Data File Format, an Echoview-defined data file type for storing echosounder and sonar data, as well as supporting measurements. Products using the EVD format include iXblue SeapiX and Zunibal ZSR. Please contact Echoview support to obtain the Echoview Data File Format Definition document.

Other generic formats that have some limitations in capabilities are:

  • a range of Echoview-specific text file (CSV) formats
  • the ICES standard HAC format (*.hac) data files containing:
    • generic echosounder and channel tuples
    • Simrad EK500 echosounder and channel tuples
    • BioSonics model 102 echosounder and channel tuples
    • Split-beam detected single target tuple

Client specific formats can be supported (the CSIRO (*.raw) format, for example, is specific to the CSIRO). Please contact Echoview support with a request to support your data format if needed. We will require a complete specification of the data format in order to evaluate the proposal.

Supported hardware

Single, split, dual beam echosounders

Wideband/Broadband systems

  • Simrad EK80 family (including WBT, WBAT, EKAuto, ES80 and Kongsberg EA640) (*.raw, *.xyz) operating under continuous wave and/or frequency modulation

Multibeam echosounders and sonars

  • Kongsberg EM series including but not limited to EM 3002, EM 3002D and EM 710. Other EM series echosounders from Kongsberg may log data to similar (if not the same) data files as those officially supported by Echoview. Hence, such files may be used in Echoview despite being unlisted.
  • Kongsberg Mesotech SM20 multibeam echosounder (*.smb, *.nnn)
  • Norbit (*.s7k)
  • R2Sonic (*.r2s)
  • RESON SeaBat T20, 6K series, 7K series, 8K series including but not limited to 6012, 7000, 7125, 7128, T20-P, 8101 and 8125 (equipped with the optional hardware extension for digitized sonar images)
    • SeaBat 6K (*.sbi)
    • SeaBat 7K series (*.s7k)
    • SeaBat 8K series (*.sns, *.raw)
  • Simrad Mesotech SM2000 FR multibeam echosounder with recording kit
    • SM2000 FR (*.raw, *.nnn)
    • SM2000 FR (*.bfm, *.bmf, *.nnn)
  • Simrad ME70 multibeam echosounder (*.raw)
  • Teledyne Odom (*.s7k)
  • WASSP WMB-3250 and converted data from Generation 3 systems (*.nwsf)

Imaging sonars/acoustic cameras

  • Sound Metrics DIDSON Dual-frequency IDentification SONars DDF_03 format, DDF_04 format (*.ddf)
  • Sound Metrics ARIS Dual-frequency sonars (*.aris)
  • Blueprint Subsea Oculus multibeam imaging sonar (*.oculus)
  • BlueView 2D imaging sonar (*.son)
  • Kongsberg Mesotech M3 multibeam imaging sonar (*.imb) and Flexview multibeam sonar *.mmb data re-recorded as *.imb

Omnisonar and Scanning sonars


  • RD Instruments Workhorse series of ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers). Workhorse Output Data (*.nnn)

Video and image cameras

External sensors

Data from selected external sensors such as GPS units, motion reference units (MRUs) and trawl sensors that is recorded with supported hardware systems.

Generic and other file formats

Echoview-specific text format

Note: Only UTF-8 character encoding is supported from Echoview 13 onward. Earlier versions supported UTF-8, UTF-16 or ASCII.

Supported Text data files (*.CSV) formats are:

  • Single beam Sv files (*.sv.csv)
  • Single beam TS files (*.ts.csv)
  • Single beam Power files (*.power.csv)
  • Single beam angular position files (*.angles.csv)
  • Single beam linear variable files (*.linear.csv)
  • Single beam target files (*.target.csv)
  • Single beam boolean files (*.boolean.csv)
  • Multibeam Sv files (*.sv.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam TS files (*.ts.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam linear magnitude value files (*.mag.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam phase files (*.phase.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam dB value files (*.db.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam boolean files (*.boolean.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam color files (*.color.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam targets files (*.targets.mb.csv)
  • Multibeam bottom detections export files (*.bottom.mb.csv)
  • GPS fix files (*.gps.csv)
  • Heading files (*.heading.csv)
  • Length files (*.length.csv)
  • Pitch files (*.pitch.csv)
  • Roll files (*.roll.csv)
  • Speed file(*.speed.csv)
  • Bathymetric line files (*.line.csv)
  • Line files (*.depth.csv)

Echoview utility

Data recorded by:

  • Echolog 500 (*.EK5)
  • Echolog 60 (*.EK60, *.EK6)
  • Echolog 80 (*.raw)

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