Echoview data and hardware support

Echoview® is the industry-standard software for marine and freshwater hydroacoustic data processing, and supports an unrivaled range of data file formats.

As a result of close and ongoing collaboration with the fisheries acoustics community, Echoview supports data from:

Other hardware

If your hardware is not listed but similar instruments from the same manufacturer are listed, Echoview may be able to read your files.

File format compatibility can be confirmed by downloading and installing Echoview, and then on the File menu click New. Click Add on the Filesets window that appears and select your data files. Raw variables will be extracted and shown if the data format is compatible. A license is not required to try this. Please contact Echoview support if you have file support problems or questions.

Generic file formats

Data from unsupported instruments can be written to the Echoview Data File Format, an Echoview-defined data file type for storing echosounder and sonar data, as well as supporting measurements. Products using the EVD format include iXblue SeapiX and Zunibal ZSR. Please contact Echoview support to obtain the Echoview Data File Format Definition document.

Other generic formats that can be read by Echoview are:

Client specific formats can be supported (the CSIRO (*.raw) format, for example, is specific to the CSIRO). Please contact Echoview support with a request to support your data format if needed. We will require a complete specification of the data format in order to evaluate the proposal.

Supported hardware

Single, split, dual beam echosounders

Wideband/Broadband systems

Multibeam echosounders and sonars

Imaging sonars/acoustic cameras

Omnisonar and Scanning sonars


Video and image cameras

External sensors

Data from selected external sensors such as GPS units, motion reference units (MRUs) and trawl sensors that is recorded with supported hardware systems.

Generic and other file formats

Echoview-specific text format

Text data files (*.CSV) - typically values from other file formats that have been exported as UTF8, UTF-16 or ASCII encoded data. Specific formats supported are:

Echoview utility

Data recorded by:

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