Using Echolog

Starting Echolog

Open Echolog from the Windows Start menu or desktop shortcut.

The Echolog main window is displayed and Echolog intializes and starts. The display of the Start and Stop buttons is responsive to the running of Echolog. If one or more default settings are invalid, Echolog stops and an error message or warning is displayed. To display and edit the Echolog Settings use the Settings button.

You may need to configure folder sharing when Echolog runs on a device that is separate from a ship's network.

Right-click the window title bar to use Shortcut menu items.

Echolog main window

The Echolog main window provides details on logging operations.




Running time: The running time since started or last reset.

Bytes read: The number of bytes of data that have been read since started or last reset.

Disk free (MB): The amount of free space on the drive from which survey files are being read.

Files read: A count of the files that have been read since started or last reset.

Logging throughput (KB/s)

The displays in this section indicate the rate at which data is being read (KB per second):

  • for the current minute,

  • for the current hour and the previous hour, and

  • for the current 24-hour period and the previous 24 hours.

File being read

Displays the data being read.


Click the Settings button to open the Echolog Settings dialog box.

Alert Alert icon The Alert button is displayed when Echolog has detected a specified period of inactivity. Click Alert to view the details of the detected inactivity on the logging application Network Information dialog box.

Start, Stop

Click the Start button to start Echolog.

Click the Stop button to stop Echolog.


Click the Settings button to display and edit Echolog Settings dilog box.

Settings dialog box

The Settings dialog box is used to enter the settings that control the operation of Echolog.

To display the Settings dialog box, click the Settings button on the Echolog window.

The Settings dialog box contains the following options.



Data file format

Specify the data file format to be live viewed from the following:

  • Simrad EK80, ES80, WBAT, EKAuto or Kongsberg EA640
  • Simrad EK80 (Subscription)
  • Ex60/Ex70/EK15
  • ARIS
  • BioSonics DT
  • Kongsberg Mesotech M3/Flexview (beamformed)

Survey folder

The folder location from which Echolog will read files. This should typically be the folder into which the software will write the data files.

Configuration file

The folder location for the *.TOML file used to specify Simrad EK80 subscriptions from Simrad EK80 software.

Folder check interval (ms)

Specifies how often Echolog checks the survey folder for new data. The Folder check interval must be between 250 and 10,000 ms. The default is 250 ms.

Live viewing broadcast interval (seconds)

Specifies how often Echolog will inform Echoview that new data is available. The Live viewing broadcast interval must be between 1 and 30 seconds. The default is 10 seconds.

The value for the interval may affect the live viewing performance of displayed virtual variables.

Live viewing broadcast address Specifies a broadcast IPv4 address for live viewing. The default address is

Warn when hard disk has less than (MB)

If there is less than the specified number of MB of free space on the drive to which files are being logged, a warning message will be displayed but the logging operation will continue. If the free space drops to zero, an error message will be displayed and the logging operation will stop; it will restart automatically as soon as disk space becomes available.

Warn when hard disk has less than (minutes)

Echolog continually estimates the number of minutes before the hard disk will be full (at current logging rates). If this estimate drops below the specified number of minutes, a warning message box will be displayed. This estimate can be viewed at any time from the Network Information dialog box.

Equipment name

The Equipment name is a unique name that represents the computer running an Echolog instance. It is how Echolog identifies itself to Echoview's live viewing. The Equipment name defaults to the local computer name and need only be changed if more than one instance of Echolog is running simultaneously on the same PC. See also: Multiple instances of Echolog.

No Activity Warning

Select Enable to monitor inactivity. You can specify Maximum inactive interval (minutes).

Select Alert to allow an Echolog inactivity message to appear in front of active windows.

Network Information dialog box

To display the Network Information dialog box, right-click the title bar of the Echolog main window, and select Network Information.

The Network Information dialog box displays useful information when setting up Echolog 80. The local IP address and Ethernet address may provide useful clues if data are not being logged. The IP address is set in TCP/IP properties in the Windows Control Panel/Network applet. Some systems may require that an Ethernet adapter is installed before you can set an IP address.

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