Blueprint Subsea Oculus data files

The Blueprint Subsea Oculus *.oculus V1 file format is supported by Echoview. Oculus multibeam imaging sonars produce several high quality images per second, making it possible to view movie-like imagery. Blueprint Subsea Oculus files can be verified by Echocheck.

Echoview reads sample magnitude, heading, pitch and roll values recorded in the data file. The Oculus system may also record operating depth and water temperature which are used to calculate the range for samples.

r = 0.5xcxt

r is the range (m)

c is the sound speed (m/s). The Oculus system accepts a user-specified Salinity value that is used to calculate the sound speed.

t is the time of the received echo (s)


  • Heading, pitch and roll values are measured relative to an origin plane on a platform or other structure like a transducer. For further information refer to Blueprint Subsea.
  • Echoview only reads non-zero values from the data file for heading, pitch or roll variables.
  • Echoview derives variables for data with a positive start range. As a result samples with a negative start range are omitted.

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