New for users of data from BlueView sonars

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 7 which specifically affect the use of data from BlueView sonars.

BlueView SDK version 4.0

Echoview supports *.son files output by the BlueView Viewer running BlueView SDK version 4.0. There is a known issue where some older BlueView files are incompatible with BlueView SDK version 4.0. When one of these files is loaded a message is sent to the Message dialog box advising that Echoview should be restarted. Please contact BlueView Technologies for assistance with updating such files.

BlueView file format support

GPS and heading data can now be read from the data file if available.

BlueView file format note

Echoview displays samples at polar image coordinates read from the BlueView file. The BlueView ProView software displays samples at cartesian image coordinates. This difference will result in a subtle variation when directly comparing the visualization of neighboring samples between products. See also BlueView file format.

See also: New features in Echoview 7 for a description of changes that may affect you but are not specific to data from BlueView echosounders.