Messages dialog box

The Messages dialog box displays information, warning and error messages that are generated during the course of Echoview's operation. When the Messages dialog box is closed, the Echoview status bar will display the message icon of the latest message sent to the dialog box. Display a message to view the complete message.

To display the Messages dialog box:

  •  On the View menu, click Messages.

- OR -

  • Click message bar tool on the Windows and dialog boxes toolbar.

Messages that appear will comprise of:

  • an icon to indicate the level of the warning/error:
    warning icon





  • the time when the message appeared
  • a colored background to draw particular attention to possibly time critical issues. Specifically,

To view a message in full, double-click the message. To copy the displayed message press CTRL + C and paste into a Notepad file.

The management of messages and the Message dialog box is facilitated from the Shortcut menu (right-click) with the following options:




Display the selected message.


Delete the selected message.

Delete all

Deletes all messages.


  • Messages aren't saved between Echoview sessions.
  • Use CTRL+C to copy the message content and CTRL+V or Paste to paste the message content elsewhere like Notepad or the Notes page of an Echoview variable.

To dock and undock the Messages dialog box:

Double click on the Message dialog box title bar.

Message preferences

You can use the Interface page on the Echoview Configuration dialog box to change the way messages are displayed.

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