New for users of data from HTI echosounders

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 7 which specifically affect the use of data from HTI echosounders.

HTI SMP and GPS data

Updated rules for pings and GPS fixes. A GPS fix is used if the gap between the fix and the ping time is thirty seconds or less. If the fix is already used by a ping, Echoview searches for the nearest valid fix. For further information refer HTI data files: Ping times, GPS fixes.

HTI SMP ping time

Echoview 7 introduces a change in the handling of unique ping times for SMP data. The change fixes a cumulative ping time error that affected export data.


Corrected the reading of the TvgGain20Log calibration setting as used by Sv variables derived from HTI *.smp data files. Previously, the calculation for Sv used an incorrect value for TvgGain20Log.

 We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this error may cause - the Echoview team is dedicated to maintaining the correctness of the calculations that Echoview performs, and to ensuring that our customers are informed on the very rare occasion that an error is found. Please contact if you have any questions.

HTI 48 kHz interpolated variables

HTI 48 kHz interpolated variables now display correctly. Previously, some samples were displayed as dropouts or pink spots. This was due to a data overflow issue in the stored data.

Sv to TS and TS to Sv operator

The Sv to TS and TS to Sv operator now handles HTI data correctly. Previously, calculation issues with HTI Sv affected the operator result.

See also: New features in Echoview 7 for a description of changes that may affect you but are not specific to data from HTI echosounders.