New for users of data from Furuno echosounders

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 13 which specifically affect the use of data from Furuno echosounders.

Export *.fsv data to the *.nc file format

The performance of the export is improved through design changes and not exporting the imaginary component of FSV-30 (Research version) data.

FSV-25 *.nc updated support

Updated FSV-25 *.nc support for frequencies not present in the absorption coefficient-frequency table recorded in the data file.

Updated documentation about Multibeam calibration settings.

FSV-30R *.fsv file support

Updated file support includes:

  • handling for invalid data in Furuno FSV-30R *.fsv and associated files
  • message about skipped pings when the tilt or bearing angle is out of range

See also: New features in Echoview 13 for a description of changes that may affect you but are not specific to data from Furuno echosounders.