3D display problems

The 3D display features in Echoview use the industry-standard OpenGL graphics library. If you are experiencing performance problems with 3D scenes and/or the 3D single target graphs display in Echoview it may be related to:

  • your 3D display settings,

  • your computer hardware and operating system, and/or

  • your graphics card drivers.

3D display settings

The 3D Visualization slider bar on the 3D Preferences page of the Echoview configuration dialog box allows you choose a display setting that is biased for better quality or better performance. If you are having quality or performance problems, experiment with different settings.

Graphics card drivers

It is important that you have the latest drivers for any given card. 3D visualization demands the utmost from graphics cards and manufacturers are regularly improving the software drivers for their hardware as known problems arise.

Information about manufacturers of chip sets and graphics cards is freely available on the internet. Details and downloads of updated drivers may be available on manufacturers' websites. Identify your graphics card and driver and ensure you have the latest available version.

If you use a laptop computer it may have dedicated hardware components, and you may need to check with the laptop manufacturer directly to get the latest drivers.

We also recommend searching Microsoft Help and Support for recent OpenGL issues.

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