Echoview and Windows memory management

Echoview 11 onwards is available only in 64-bit Edition. Echoview 32-bit Edition is no longer available as Echoview 64-bit Edition can access significantly more 64-bit Windows system memory and, as a result, utilize the full potential of modern computing hardware. The outcome is a significant improvement in Echoview performance and stability.

Note: We recommend upgrading your computer (if your hardware isn't 64-bit capable) and/or operating system to a 64-bit edition of Windows. 

The memory available to Echoview is affected by:

Operating system

There are a number of Microsoft Windows operating system releases that can run Echoview. RAM limits and configuration can be different for the operating system release and the operating system release type.

Echoview support for Windows releases.

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Amount of installed RAM

The amount of physically installed RAM on your computer can vary and may not be an adequate amount for your computing requirements. Each operating system release has a physical limit for RAM. Your computer's motherboard capacity may also affect the amount of RAM you can install.

For more information refer to:

See also Software settings for RAM and virtual memory.

Software settings for RAM and virtual memory

To optimize the use of installed RAM you may need to change the default settings for the Window operating system release.

These are major changes to the Windows operating system and it is highly recommended that you consult with your system administrator and backup your data before proceeding.

In general:

  • A Windows 64-bit operating system can work with more than 4GB of installed RAM. Physical RAM limits vary with particular releases. RAM associated with other devices may affect the usage of installed RAM but this has a smaller effect under 64-bit operating systems. 4-Gigabyte Tuning may be useful.
  • Further gains may be possible with optimizations for virtual memory. For more information refer to:

Other devices that affect the memory limits

Refer to Memory support and Windows operating systems: How graphics cards and other devices affect memory limits.

Number of programs other than Echoview running on the computer

Each program that runs under the Windows operating system is allocated its own virtual memory. The in-tandem nature of virtual and physical memory is transparent but the competition for physical memory from many programs can affect Echoview's performance. To optimize performance, minimize the number of other open programs.

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