Requesting support

To request support, report a bug or provide feedback:

Email: Send us an email at, providing us with as much relevant information as you can to help us diagnose and solve your problem efficiently. We may request example data from you, and should this be required we will treat it as confidential and only use it for the purpose of providing support.

Phone: Ring us during office hours (0900-1700 AEST) on +61 3 6231 5588 or +1 206 691 8293. This is the best method for urgent support requests. If you are likely to need after-hours support (for example on a survey), please email us in advance and request an after-hours support telephone number.

Note: The support to which you are entitled and the cost of the support (if any) is determined by the Echoview Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) you or your organization have with Echoview Software.

Details of your support request

Provide as many details about your support request or a description of a bug including:

  • what you were trying do when the problem occurred

  • what actually occurred

  • what you believe should have occurred

  • the details of any error messages that were displayed (you can copy error message text by pressing CTRL+C when the error message dialog box is active)

Details on how to reproduce the issue

Send a detailed (step-by-step) description of how to reproduce the problem.

Note: Whenever possible your description should include the names of the EV file(s) and/or datafile(s) you were using when the problem occurred. If necessary, we will contact you with details on how to provide data.

Request priority

State the priority for your request.

Echoview details and contact details

The following information identifies yourself and the version of Echoview you are using.

Information type


Echoview version (including dongle version)

To display the Echoview version number and dongle version, under the Help menu click About Echoview.


  • Make sure you provide the Echoview version number from the machine on which the error occurred.
  • License troubleshooting requires the dongle version from the machine on which the error occurred.

Dongle name

The Dongle name is displayed on the License Information dialog box.

To view the Dongle name:

  1. Under the Help menu click About Echoview.
  2. Click License Information.

Note: In the case where License Information is unavailable, the Dongle name is engraved on the tag attached to the dongle, and will be in a format such as ABCD-1, EV0000, or TD-0000.


Your name.


Your organization or company.


Your contact e-mail address.


Your contact phone number.


Your contact fax number.

Details about your computer

It is useful to supply information about your computer hardware and operating system.

Information type


Windows version number

The Windows 10 Edition and Version number is displayed under Start menu > Settings > About

Note: Make sure you provide the version from the machine on which the error occurred.

Graphics card and driver

If the problem is related to the way Echoview displays information, you should supply details of your graphics card and driver, see Identifying your graphics card driver.

Note: Make sure you provide the details from the machine on which the error occurred.

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