About Echoview Software

Echoview Software Pty Ltd (formerly Myriax Software Pty Ltd) was established as Sonardata Tasmania Pty Ltd in 1995. The company is now widely recognized as the global leader in the development of hydroacoustic visualization and analysis software for the global scientific community. The company’s product, Echoview®, has become the standard for advanced hydroacoustic studies in marine and freshwater environments.

Today, Echoview meets the needs of hundreds of research institutes, government organizations and businesses in over sixty countries.

Contact us:

Echoview Software Pty Ltd
GPO Box 1387
Hobart Tasmania 7001

Phone AUS +61 3 6231 5588
Fax AUS +61 3 6234 1822
Phone USA +1 206 691 8293
Email info@echoview.com

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