Echoview Software Updater

The Echoview Software Updater enables you to update your software over the internet. The window displays pertinent information about available updates. Select an available update and click Download and Install to start the update process. Follow any prompts that may be displayed to complete the update.

Types of update:

  • A new major version
  • A new minor version (commonly bug fix or late additional feature)
  • A build that includes or excludes dongles or updates module licenses
  • A new version of the Help file
  • A new version of the Echoview Software Updater


  • Only a single instance of an Echoview or a Echoview utility can be updated at a time. Use the Echoview Software Updater multiple times to update additional instances to the latest release.
  • Only new major version installers newer than the latest version currently installed will be available for selection.

updatebackup folder

The backup is the archived pre-update Echoview application and is placed in the updatebackup folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Echoview Software\Echoview Updater\". See also Installing Echoview and Utilities for information about default file paths.

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