Detect Fish Tracks dialog box

The Detect Fish Tracks dialog box is used to detect fish tracks in the current single target echogram.

To display the Detect Fish Tracks dialog box:

  1. On the Echogram menu, click Detect Fish Tracks (to detect fish tracks in the entire echogram).

    - OR -

  1. Make a selection (to detect fish tracks in a selection).

  2. On the Shortcut menu (right-click), click Detect Fish Tracks.



Assign class

Specify the region class to be assigned to detected fish tracks.


Click to open the Classes page of the EV File Properties dialog box where you can create a new region class or edit an existing class.

Delete existing fish tracks with the assigned class first

If checked, all fish track regions in the selection/echogram that have the assigned region class will be deleted prior to detecting fish tracks.

Note: This applies to fish tracks where the final target falls within the selection.


Click to display the Track Detection Properties dialog box. Settings relevant to fish track detection are changed on this page.


Click to start the school detection process. The detection of schools in large EV files may take some time.


The following settings will also affect fish track detection:

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