Export Region Inspection Data dialog box

The Export Region Inspection data dialog box is used to configure an export of region inspection data.

To display the Export Region Inspection dialog box:

  1. Display a scene that includes one or more 3D regions
  2. Point to a 3D region
  3. On the Shortcut (right-click) menu, click Export Region Inspection data

The Export Region Inspection data dialog box contains the following pages:

General page

The General page of the Export Region Inspection Data dialog box allows you to specify the node settings for the region gridding algorithm:



Node counts

Offers adjustable sliders for the node count and displays the node count in the X,Y and Z directions for the selected 3D region. See Region gridding algorithms for a definition of the X, Y, Z coordinate system.

Node spacing

Displays the node spacing in (m) for the X,Y and Z directions.

Equally spaced grid nodes

This setting locks the node count sliders to give equally spaced nodes (and cubic voxels).

Algorithm page

The Algorithm page of the Export Region Inspection Data dialog box allows you select a region gridding algorithm and specify its parameters:




The region gridding algorithm used to grid the data from a selected 3D region. Choose from:

Node radius

The radius of a sphere centered at each node within which acoustic data samples are permitted to influence the calculated intensity value for that node.

If the radius is too small, you may find that there are nodes which have no acoustic data samples within their sphere of influence and hence an intensity of 0. Typically the node radius should be at least one half of the greatest separation between any two adjacent acoustic data samples, and this will typically be the distance between two pings or two beams.

If the radius is too large, performance may decline significantly as the number of node-sample relationships increases rapidly with node radius (there is a cubic relationship).

Power parameter

This setting is available when the Inverse distance algorithm is selected. The power parameter controls how fast the weighting factor for each sample drops off as the distance from the node increases.


  • The power parameter must be a positive real number.
  • The larger the power parameter the greater the bias in favor of nearer samples.

Statistics page

The Statistics page of the Export Region Inspection Data dialog box displays some useful region statistics:



Sample count

Number of acoustic data samples in the 3D region being exported

Bounding box

The spatial extent of the bounding box for the selected region expressed as:

Note: The bounding box is one node radius beyond each extreme sample in the X, Y and Z directions respectively.

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