Export to ICES CSV Format and Export ICES Format - Integrated Region Classes by Cells dialog box

The dialog box is displayed when an ICES CSV data export is requested.



Export analysis data type:

Specifies the data calculation for the export.

Available calculations include: Mean Sv or NASC or ABC.

Export analysis variables using:

Specifies the part of the cell (in the ping dimension) for the export calculation.

Available settings include: Cell start, Cell middle, Cell end.

SA species category:

Specifies the study domain of the survey.

Under an Analysis by Cells export, enter a description of the echogram species content, as represented by an ICES code from AC_SaCategory.

Note: Under an Analysis By Region Classes by Cells export, the SA species category field is unavailable. Instead, the SA Species category is assigned as the Echoview region class of the region.