Print Echogram dialog box

The Print Echogram dialog box is used to set up echogram printing jobs. The pages to print and the zoom settings to use can be defined.

To display the Print Echogram dialog box:

  • On the File menu, click Print when an echogram window is in focus.


The Pages section is used to select which pages to print.



All pages

Select this option to print all pages in the echogram.

Page range

Select this option and enter a page range to print a range of pages.


The Zoom section is used to set the resolution of the printed pages.




When the Print Echogram dialog box first opens, these settings are displayed according to the current zoom level in the echogram and the Orientation (Landscape or Portrait) setting in the Setup dialog box.

These settings will be recalculated whenever the Setup is changed or the zoom level on the echogram is changed.

It is possible to choose the number of pings to print per page by adjusting the Pings/page setting manually. The Total number of pages in echogram will automatically be recalculated and displayed.

Total number of pages in echogram

Click Setup to open the typical Print Setup dialog where you can choose the printer, orientation and paper size for printing.

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