Species Allocation dialog box

The Species Allocation dialog box is used to define the allocation values of a species in a specific region class (see Species Allocation page of the Region Class Properties dialog box for more information). The values you enter will be used in calculating biomass density estimates for regions of the selected region class.

To display the Species Allocation dialog box:

  1. Display the Region Class Properties dialog box.

  2. Click the Species Allocation tab.

  3. Click a species.

  4. Click Edit.



Region class

Displays the selected region class.


Displays the selected species.

Proportion of fish of this species for region class

Set the expected proportion of individual members of the selected species to the whole (0-100%).

The value for each species is displayed in the % Fish column of the table on the Region Class Properties dialog box.

Echoview will not accept a value which would bring the total of all entries in that table over 100%. If the contribution of one species is increased, Echoview will reduce the contribution of the Unassigned species. If the Unassigned species contributes 0% you will need to reduce the contribution of one species before you can increase the contribution of another.

Override default species settings

If selected, this option will override the default expected mean Target Strength and expected mean weight of individual specimens of a species (as defined on the Species Properties dialog box).

Enter customized values (for this region class) for Expected mean TS and Expected mean weight.

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