Region Class Properties dialog box

The Region Class Properties dialog box is used to create and edit Region classes.

Note: A region class may have a keyboard shortcut.

To display the Region Class Properties dialog box, on the EV File Properties dialog box:

  1. Click the Classes tab.

  2. In the Region classes section, do one of the following:

    • click New to define a new region class; or
    • click an existing region class, then click Properties to edit an existing region class.

Or, on the Dataflow window:

  1. Click a Region class object. The Region class object represents the region class and the 3D region class object.

  2. On the Shortcut menu, select Region Class Properties.

Display page

The Display page of the Region Class Properties dialog box is used to record the cruise track symbol, region outiline and color values and 3D display values for the region class.

Echogram display

Use these settings to customize the outline and fill colors for the selected region class. See also: EV file-wide region type outline, shading and fill color settings.



Region type

Specify the region type:

  • Analysis
  • Bad data (empty water)
  • Bad data (no data)
  • Marker

Custom Analysis regions

Toggle the checkboxes for any of these to modify the default behavior.

  • Outline color
    • Click the color swatch to choose the color of region outline from the Color dialog box.
  • Outline thickness
    • Specify the pixel thickness of the region outline.
  • Shading
    • Choose between shading (default) or not shading the region with a fill color. Deactivating shading automatically disables the Fill color setting.
  • Fill color
    • Click the color swatch to choose the fill color of region from the Color dialog box. This is only available if the Shading setting is set to the default behavior.

Symbol display

The Symbol display section is used to specify a symbol for the region class.




Choose a symbol from the list. The region symbol is displayed on a cruise track at the mid-point (in time) of each region of this class.

Size (pixels)

Enter a size for the symbol.


Choose a color for the symbol from the Color dialog box.

3D Display

These settings change the 3D display settings for the selected region class in a scene.

The Method box allows you to select the display method for the region class. The full range of display methods are described in the table below.

Display method


Specified color

The region class is displayed using a single color.

You can change the display color by clicking Change and selecting a new color.

You can alter the transparency of the region class using the Transparent slider bar.

Scene depth scale

The region class is displayed using the Object coloring by depth settings on the Scene Properties dialog box.

Species Allocation page

The Species Allocation section displays the current settings for calculating biomass density estimates for regions of this class.




Lists all species that have been defined in this EV File.


The percentage of the total number of specimens that will be attributed to each species in regions of this class.


Shows whether the default TS(dB) and Weight (kg) values for each species have been overridden for region of this class. The default values for each species are defined on the Species Properties dialog box.


The expected mean target strength of individual specimens of the species.


The expected mean weight of individual specimens of the species.

To change any of the values in the table, click Edit and make the changes in the Species Allocation dialog box.

Notes page

The Notes page is used to record the name and notes for the region class.

Enter a name for the region class. See also: Supported characters for names.

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