4D Display page

The 4D Display page of the Variable Properties dialog box offers a range of 4D display settings. The performance of the 4D window is affected by the specifications of your computer and the graphics card and its drivers.




Sample visualization size

Specifies the Sample visualization size method.

Sample visualization size method


Relative to Beam width

Displays a small sphere size.

Beam width

Displays spheres that fill the beam and is similar to the display of samples from the multibeam echogram.

This setting may minimize Moire pattern issues in the 4D window. Moire patterns are unwanted line interference artifacts of the digital representation of the data.

Moire artifacts commonly occur with the display of imaging sonar data. However, moire effects can occur with data from other multibeam instruments.

A further setting related to sample visualization size is Constrain the minimum size to the sample height. Select this setting to stop samples near the transducer from becoming too small to see.

Ping visualization technique

Specifies a techniques for Ping visualization. Each technique has an impact on 4D window performance.

Disks (low quality) requires less computer resource.

Spheres (high quality) requires more computer resource.


Specifies the fill for the 4D window background.

Backgrounds include:

  • Sea and Sky
  • Color scheme (background from the echogram).

Water surface

Specifies how the water surface is displayed and can provide perspective cues.

Water surfaces include:

  • None
  • Legacy (solid blue)
  • Tiles

Down sample pings for display

Select this setting to resample pings (down sample) for the 4D window. The setting can improve the performance of the 4D window when the variable contains a high number of samples per ping.

The aims is to improve the visual display of data and this resampling is not meant for data accuracy with respect to calculations.

4D display limits

Display limits, with respect to Echogram mode, are used to display selected samples. Automatically set or Manually set limits are available. This setting can crudely exclude the display of samples in the ring down zone and/or samples below the acoustic bottom.

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