Target Property Threshold

This operator thresholds out targets which occur outside a specified target property range.

It accepts operands with the following data types:

  • Single targets
  • Multibeam targets


The Target Property Threshold Variable Properties dialog box pages include (common) Variable Properties pages and these operator pages.

Operands page

Target property threshold page



Threshold targets by

Select a listed target property to threshold the targets operand with.

Target properties include:

  • Angle minor-axis
  • Angle major-axis
  • Target length
  • Target length across beams
  • Target range extent
  • Target perimeter
  • Target area
  • Target intensity variation
  • Target thickness
  • Target compactness
  • Target length manual
  • Target length uncompensated
  • Target orientation
  • Target perimeter edge midpoints
  • Target area edge midpoints
  • Target compactness edge midpoints

See About target properties for more details.

Apply minimum threshold

The minimum threshold for the selected target property.

Apply maximum threshold

The maximum threshold for the selected target property.

Note: When the input operand is a multibeam data type, the underlying sample data will not be visible, and only target sample outlines will be shown.

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