Virtual variables pages

Several context-sensitive pages in the Variable Properties dialog box are displayed for virtual variables. The pages that are displayed depend on the operator that was used to create the virtual variable.

See also: To view and modify variable property settings.

Operands page

The Operands page is displayed on the Variable Properties dialog box when any virtual variable is selected.




The operator that is being applied to create the virtual variable.


The virtual or raw variable(s) that are being operated on to create the selected virtual variable. Select a specific operand using the Operand list.

When available click Add New Operand to add an operand or click Remove Last Operand to remove an operand.

The large text box contains a description of the selected operator.

A description of the behavior of each operator can be found in the Operators section.

The operand(s) for a virtual variable can be changed, but the operator cannot be changed.

Virtual Variables pages

The following virtual variable pages may be present (depending upon the operator used):

Arithmetic operators

Code page
Constant Divide page
Constant Multiply page
Formula page

Bitmap operators

Data Range Bitmap page
Line Bitmap page
Line Range Bitmap page
Mask page
Motion Range Bitmap page

Region Bitmap page
Target Samples Bitmap page
Trained Model bitmap (experimental)

Conversion operators

Type Conversion page

Convolution operators

3x3 Convolution page
5x5 Convolution page
7x7 Convolution page
XxY Convolution page
XxY Statistic page
XxYxZ Convolution page
XxYxZ Statistic

Data manipulation operators

Attenuated Signal Removal page
Background Noise Estimation page
Background Noise Removal page

Calibration subset page
Cell Statistic page
Deadzone Estimation page
FIR Filter page
Generator page
IIR Filter page
Impulse Noise Removal page
Join Opposing Pings page
Live Export page
Match Ping Times page
Motion Correction page
Ping Subset page
Ping Time Shift page
Region Statistic page
Resample page
Signal to Background Noise Ratio page
Threshold page
Towed Body page
Transect subset page
Transient Noise Ping Removal page
Transient Noise Sample Removal page
Wideband Frequency Select page
Wideband Frequency Subset page

Imaging operators

3 Color Maximum page
GLCM Texture page

Line operators

Arithmetic page
Best Bottom Candidate Line Pick page
Crop page
Fixed Depth page
Linear Offset page
Maximum Sv Line Pick page
Near-field depth estimation page
Off-Axis Angle Offset
Smoothing Filter page
Span Gaps page
Statistical Combination page
Threshold Offset page
Time Offset page
Towed Body Time Offset page
Trained model bottom exclusion (experimental)

Movement operators

Distance Correction page
GPS Filter page
Scan Position page
Smoothing page

Multibeam operators

Angle Select page
Beam Scan page
Beam Select page
Beam Subset page
Bottom Echo Bitmap page
Bottom Echo Bitmap H-mode - Furuno page
Combine Fans page
Double Threshold page
Kovesi Image Denoising page
Mean of N Previous Pings page
Median of N Pings page
Minimum of N Pings page
Multibeam Background Removal page
Target Detection page
Resample multibeam page
Sample Statistic Subtract page
Target page
Target Conversion page
XxYxZ Convolution page
XxYxZ Statistic

Single target detection operators

Single Target Detection - Single Beam page
Single Target Detection - Split Beam page
Single Target Detection - Dual Beam page
Single Target Detection - Wideband page

Single target manipulation operators

ST Union page
ST Difference page
ST Intersection page
Target Length page
Target Property Threshold page
TS Substitution page

Surface operators

Fixed Depth page
Fixed Range page
Linear Offset page

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