About Echoview

Echoview® is the world's premier software package for hydroacoustic data processing, delivering powerful and flexible capabilities for water column and bathymetric echosounder and sonar data processing. With its broad scope and continued commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, Echoview has been widely adopted as the global industry standard by fisheries and environmental scientists wishing to monitor and manage marine and freshwater environments.

Amongst its large suite of functionality features, Echoview provides tools for:

  • Data logging and analysis
  • Data quality control
  • Echo integration
  • Fish counting, measurement, and behavior
  • Aggregation identification and analysis
  • Bottom classification
  • Advanced manipulation of data values
  • 3D visualization
  • Automation

Echoview's licensing offers access to its wide range of features via modules, which group functionality based on workflow and study domain, thereby providing the flexibility to license only what you need when you need it, with the option to add more capability later. To confirm which modules best suit your requirements, talk to the Echoview sales team today.

Echoview undergoes continuous development to ensure it remains the most powerful and easy-to-use software available for digital echogram analysis. New features are added regularly, and custom developments can be negotiated to meet the specialized needs of any user. Echoview combines the advantages of in-house software development with the cost-effectiveness of an off-the-shelf application.

The documentation in this help file is constantly revised and improved. The latest version can be downloaded from our website, or viewed online at https://echoview.com/.

We strongly encourage feedback relating to both this help file and Echoview in general, to get in touch contact support@echoview.com.

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