About pitch data

Pitch data are records of the deviation of the platform from the horizontal in degrees. That is, a pitch of 0 degrees indicates a horizontal platform.

Positive pitch on a vessel in motion indicates an upward bow, that is the bow side of the platform rises and the stern side descends.

Pitch data can be used with the Motion correction (Dunford method) operator and the Motion Range Bitmap operator.

Support for pitch data may be discussed under your file format or file format's raw variables.

What is affected by pitch data?

Echoview currently assumes the position of the transducer and pitch sensor to be at the center of platform motion. The transducer orientation for singlebeam virtual variables is unaffected. For more information refer to About transducer geometry: Pitch and roll.

Pitch data (and roll data) can affect the position of data in a singlebeam virtual variable and thus affect:

  • Backscatter values of singlebeam virtual variable echograms and bio-estimates based on such virtual variables.

Roll data and pitch data will affect the position of data in a single beam virtual variable if the Motion correction operator is applied. This in turn, will affect biomass estimates that are derived from such a virtual variable.

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