Exporting pitch data

Pitch data can be exported from Echoview to a *.pitch.csv file or to an Echoview Data File Format file (.evd).

To export pitch data:

  1. Display the pitch graph for the variable from which the data is to be exported.
  2. On the Graph menu, click Export Pitch Data... or Export to Echoview Data File Format...

- OR -

  1. Display the pitch table.
  2. On the Table menu, click Export Data... or Export to Echoview Data File Format...

The exported pitch data can be added to an EV file.

Pitch data export files (*.pitch.csv)

The first line of the .pitch.csv file lists the variables that are exported (these will be used as column headings if the file is loaded into a spreadsheet program). Each subsequent line contains the values for each variable for a single pitch determination.

The following data are exported.




A sequential number








degrees (output to 3 decimal places). Measured as a clockwise rotation of the minor axis about the major axis when viewed in the positive direction of the minor axis.

Note: Files in this format (*.pitch.csv) can be added into an EV file and read by Echoview as a raw variable.

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