COM object EvBeamSelect

EvApplication > EvFileCollection > EvFile > EvVariablesCollection > EvVariableBase As EvVariableVirtual >EvVariableAcousticProperties > EvBeamSelect


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The EvBeamSelect object gives you access to settings on the Beam Select page of the Variable Properties dialog box of the acoustic virtual variable.

EvBeamSelect property:






Access or change the value for the Beam Number on the Beam Select page. BeamNumber is restricted to the range of beams in the variable (beam zero to the maximum number of beams).

Dim EvApp: Set EvApp = CreateObject("EchoviewCom.EvApplication")
Dim EvFile: Set EvFile = EvApp.OpenFile("C:BeamSelectExample.EV")
If EvFile Is Nothing Then
   MsgBox "Failed to open EV file"
   ' Beam select
   Dim VarA: Set VarA = EvFile.Variables.FindByName("Beam select 1")
   If VarA Is Nothing Then
       MsgBox "Failed to find beam select variable"
       Dim VarBeamSelect: Set VarBeamSelect = VarA.AsVariableVirtual
       If VarBeamSelect Is Nothing Then
           MsgBox "Variable is not virtual - beam select"
           VarBeamSelect.Properties.BeamSelect.BeamNumber = 5
           MsgBox "Beam number should be 5"
       End If
   End If

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