About automating Echoview

A licensed Automation module supports scripting for the automation of Echoview. Scripts can be written in any scripting language or any computer language that can create and use COM objects.

Scripting COM objects for the interactive automation of Echoview.

This is a set of COM objects for the automation of Echoview. The control of Echoview can come from a script, web page or other program.

The key advantage of this automation model is that Echoview or the user can pass information back to the script. It is possible to write scripts that can make informed decisions, request decisions from a user and pass information from Echoview to the user. If you are interested to know more about COM automation, please contact us for further information.

Example COM automation scripts are provided on the Example scripts for COM automation page.

See Getting started with scripting and Scripting with COM objects for more information.

Echoview command interface

The console is a live and interactive way to talk to the Echoview command interface. Commands interact with Echoview, EV files and Filesets, variable and virtual variable properties and to a limited degree other dataflow objects.

Batch interface commands may be imported from or exported to EC, VB script or Python file format.

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