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The EvFileEchogramProperties object gives you the ability to access Echogram Mode settings in an EV file, through EvFileProperties.Echogram.

EvFileEchogramProperties offers:




(read-write) EEchogramMode EchogramMode


Access the Echogram Mode settings (using the enum EEchogramMode) on the Echogram page of the EV File Properties dialog box.

Dim EvApp: Set EvApp = CreateObject("EchoviewCom.EvApplication")
Dim EvFile: Set EvFile = EvApp.OpenFile("C:\EV files\Test.EV")
EvFile.Properties.Echogram.EchogramMode = 1
Msgbox "Check that echograms are now in range mode"
EvFile.Properties.Echogram.EchogramMode = 0
Msgbox "Check that echograms are now in depth mode"


Dim iMode: iMode = oEvFile.Properties.Echogram.EchogramMode
If iMode = 0 Then
       MsgBox "Echogram is in depth mode"
ElseIf iMode = 1 Then
       MsgBox "Echogram is in range mode"
        MsgBox "Echogram is in UNKNOWN mode: " & CStr(iMode)
End If

See also: Enum issue under VBS.

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