About CTD data

Oceanography CTD instruments collect Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) data. This data may be used to derive seawater salinity and pressure, which enable the calculation of sound speed as a function of depth.

Echoview can use the CTD profile of depth and estimated sound speed to adjust:

  • Simrad EK60 Sv, TS, Angle and Power variables and sounder-detected lines
  • Simrad EK80 CW and FM Sv, TS, Angle and Power variables and sounder-detected lines
  • BioSonics DT4000, DT5000 and DT6000 Sv, TS and Angle variables
  • Echoview Data File Format single beam variables
  • Single target detection single beam and split beam (method 2) PLDL settings, single target thickness and single target range
  • Calibration Assistant Sv integration window

The specification of the CTD profile is handled under the calibration settings CtdDepthProfile and SoundSpeedProfile in an ECS file.

We plan to extend this tool to other file formats in future versions. Please send your suggestions and ideas to support@echoview.com.


  • Only one CTD depth profile is supported by the ECS file. The profile is applied to all pings of acoustic variables.
  • Exported EVD data that use CtdDepthProfile and SoundSpeedProfile is resampled; making the original data unavailable for sound speed recalculations.

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