The templates folders

When creating a new EV file, including for Live viewing, Echoview scans both the default and user-specified folders for templates.

Default folders

From Echoview 12 onward, the default paths for the EV file and Live viewing template folders are, for Echoview version M.m:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Echoview Software\Echoview M.m\Templates

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Echoview Software\Echoview M.m\Live viewing templates

Previously, they were at:

C:\Program Files\Echoview Software\Echoview M.m\Templates

C:\Program Files\Echoview Software\Echoview M.m\Live viewing templates

User-specified folders

You may define an additional folder (e.g., a network drive) to store your EV file and Live viewing templates. Specify these on the File locations page of the Echoview Configuration dialog box (press F5).

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