About live viewing

The Survey Suite module allows the near real-time display of data logged from supported echosounders. Live-viewing is monitored, initiated and stopped using the Live viewing dialog box. When live viewing is started, Echoview automatically creates an EV file, using an appropriate live viewing template if available.

Echograms, the Live export operator, (selected) editable lines, rectangular selections, the Calibration Assistant, school detection, region classification after school detection, linked graphs, auto-synchronization group members, cruise tracks, scenes and the user-defined keyboard shortcut to create a marker region for the last ping will respond to newly arrived data when live viewing.

You can run echo integrations, detect schools or fish tracks and create virtual variables on live-viewed data during live viewing and when live viewing is stopped. Virtual echograms created in a live-viewing EV file will also scroll and update automatically providing multiple frequency and other analysis in real time.

Supported data formats

  • Simrad EK500, EA500, and SM2000 FR
  • Simrad EK80, ES80, WBAT, EKAuto, Kongsberg EA640
  • Simrad Ex60, Ex70, EK15
  • BioSonics DT series
  • Kongsberg Mesotech M3/Flexview (beamformed)
  • Sound Metrics ARIS
  • Sound Metrics DIDSON

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