About looped multibeam replay

Echoview can display a single beam echogram whilst replaying a loop of synchronized time from a related multibeam echogram. This is a useful visualization tool for users who have data where:

  • a single beam echogram (such as single targets echogram) is derived from multibeam data.
  • a single beam sonar is run concurrently with a multibeam sonar.

The screenshot above shows a single targets echogram (right-hand part of the image) and the multibeam echogram it was created from. The single targets echogram shows a number of single targets; a rectangular selection is drawn around several targets, with a moving vertical line indicating the replayed ping. The related multibeam echogram is loop replaying the time period specified by the selection. This time period is indicated by the interval around the pointer next to the multibeam echogram replay controls. The bright moving "fish" in the center of the multibeam sector plot correspond to the single targets in the selection. The dashed lines mark the upper and lower depth or range of the selection made on the single targets echogram.

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