About Echolog 80

Echolog 80 broadcasts raw data from Simrad EK80. This allows any or all of the following to be done while the data are being logged:

  • live viewing in Echoview

  • live viewing the sounder-detected bottom depth in Echodepth

Echolog 80 can run as a stand-alone Windows application or in conjunction with Echoview and Echodepth. You can run Echolog 80 without an echosounder using Echosim 80.

Note: Echolog 80 is no longer installed post Echoview 10. If you require it, please contact the Echoview support team (support@echoview.com)

Program Interaction

Echolog 80 sending data to Echoview

The following diagram shows Echolog 80 reading .raw files from the survey folder and sending that information to Echoview for display and analysis.

EK80 live viewing

System power options

Microsoft Windows offers power options on the control panel which can request system shutdown or hibernation after periods of inactivity. Echolog 80 will disable these while it is running to ensure that logging is not interrupted.

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