Depth_mean and Range_mean

Range_mean (meters)

Let A be the set of samples s in the analysis domain being considered. Then:


= The mean range of samples in the domain, range_mean (m)
= The range of sample s in the domain (m)
epsilon s =

    0 if sample s is:
  1. above an Exclude above line
  2. below an Exclude below line
  3. a no-data sample and Include the volume of no-data samples is not selected

Note: No-data samples may occur in a number of ways (no-data samples, samples within
applied bad data (no data) regions and samples in pings with a bad line status).
For further information refer to About analysis domains: Analysis based on regions and samples

1 otherwise, including below threshold data.

Depth_mean (meters)

Depth_mean is the projection of Range_mean onto the vertical axis taking transducer geometry into account. For a vertically mounted transducer pointing directly downwards, Depth_mean and Range_mean differ by the transducer draft only.

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