Waypoint files

Waypoint files are a list of points in latitude/longitude pairs with optional text labels. When Echoview displays these files in a cruise track window the points are joined by black lines, and the label is displayed in black next to each labeled point.

Waypoint files can be used to display a planned cruise track, and to mark positions of interest along the cruise track. 

The format of the files is as follows:

Each line of the file should contain a triplet of values separated by commas. These values are a text string, a latitude value and a longitude value. The text string is optional, but the trailing comma is still required.

Any line with an asterisk in the first column is treated as a comment.

Example file:

* This track goes around Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia 

start, -4320, 14710

point 1, -4325, 14702

point 2, -4340, 14720

point 3, -4320, 14730

, -4318, 14725

point 5, -4310, 14730

point 6, -4302, 14723

point 7, -4305, 14719

point 8, -4310, 14716

point 9, -4316.98, 14716.71

The coordinate pairs are all latitude followed by longitude. Negative latitudes are the southern hemisphere. Negative longitudes are west of Greenwich.

Each coordinate is specified in NMEA style, where the number of degrees is multiplied by 100 and added to the number of minutes. For example, 43º 17.2' is represented as 4317.2.

The waypoint file format is the same as that used by the EchoListener LISTEN program. For compatibility with that program no single line should contain more than 100 characters.

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