New for users of data from BioSonics echosounders

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 5.0 which specifically affect the use of data from BioSonics echosounders.

Calibration from data files

We are pleased to introduce calibration support for BioSonics data. Echoview reads a number of calibration settings from BioSonics data files and includes additional support for user-specified MajorAxisAngleOffset and MinorAxisAngleOffset values. These offset values can be obtained from calculations associated with echosounder calibration.

The settings for sound speed and absorption coefficient are not read from file but are calculated from instrument and environmental values read from the data files.

See also: New in Echoview 5.0 for all users for new features and improvements that will benefit users of BioSonics echosounders.