New for users of data from Simrad echosounders

Note: Simrad is a subsidiary of Kongsberg. See also New for users of Kongsberg echosounders

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 5.0 which specifically affect the use of data from Simrad echosounders.

SimradDraftLogging design change

The SimradDraftLogging calibration setting no longer affects layers in single target and fish track export analyses. As a result, there may be slight differences in the last layers with single target or fish track exported analyses when comparing the analyses pre and post Echoview 5.

Calibration - read Ex60 multiplexed channels

Under the new Calibration model, you need to set Interpret Ex60 multiplexed channels on the EV File page of the EV File Properties dialog box before Echoview reads Simrad Ex60 multiplexed channel data.

Design change Simrad BI500 -work files

The support for Simrad BI500 -work files has changed. Echoview 5 reads the line and region data within these files using File menu > Import. Previously Simrad BI500 -work files were added to a fileset.

See also: New features in Echoview 5.0 for a description of changes that may affect you but are not specific to data from Simrad echosounders.