New for users of data from HTI echosounders

HTI .smp files documentation bug

A bug in the help file information for HTI data files has been fixed. Raw variables are derived using the calibration and settings data found in the first header of the latest version of the *.smp file (with these settings embedded). A note has been added with information about when Calibration settings on the Calibration page of the Variable Properties dialog box are used. The previously incorrect documentation referred to the first ping in the file.

Display of out of order data from *.smp files

The Echoview team, together with HTI, have observed that HTI *.SMP format data files can contain short (approximately 1 second duration) sections of data with incorrect timestamps. A bug related to how Echoview displays data from these affected files has been fixed. Echoview now displays data from affected HTI files correctly and a message flagging a time problem with data in the file appears in the Message dialog box. Previously, Echoview displayed data from affected HTI files incorrectly; 'ghost' samples were displayed at times not present in the *.smp file.

HTI *.smp file timestamp issues can arise from a rare mix of hardware and software interactions during data acquisition. Please contact HTI for further information.

See also: New in Echoview 4.90 for all users for new features and improvements that will benefit users of HTI echosounders.